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London Fashion Week, PacSun, AI Generated Garments

Greetings from Tel Aviv! I’m recovering from quite stomach bug, so this will be a shorter issue.

I have an ask: If you work in the industry, please send me info about whatever you’re working on! Garments, edits, apps, you name it. If it’s innovative, I’d love to see it.

Jumping right into it…

Enter the London Fashion Week FRINGE AW23 Metaverse

Asset Haus and The Immersive Kind have teamed up to release the FRINGE AW23 Fashion Week Metaverse Experience, as part of London Fashion Week.

From February 17th to February 21st, FRINGE will present 'on-schedule' LFW presentations for a host of NewGen and established designers in the Metaverse. Designed to help brands explore the metaverse at their own pace, the parallel platform will empower designers to use the Metaverse as an additional social and creative platform to articulate their brand and creative process.

Make sure to catch it today!

The FRINGE Metaverse experience will also exclusively support the LFW Designer City-Wide Celebration, including pop-ups, talks and presentations, after-parties, retail experiences, and digital fashion events across London.

Pacsun launches first-ever branded ‘building tycoon’ on Roblox

After experimenting with AR window displays, digital gaming, and NFT features over the past couple of years, Pacsun is making new moves in Roblox. Zigging while others zag, Pacsun is leaving its mark as the first fashion brand to experiment with the world-building ‘building tycoon’ Roblox format, rather than encouraging users to virtually shop it’s products.

The LA-themed experience allows gamers to craft a personal map of Southern California, with building opportunities in hotspots like Downtown L.A., Santa Monica, and Hollywood. Future expansions are expected to arrive later this year.

Threedium Releases its Top 50 Voices in 3D/AR/XR

Big congrats to all the winners! We look forward to seeing how you push the industry forward.

👾 Pixels and Threads:

  • Why Joyfa is betting big on sneaker NFTs?

  • A thread of amazing generative-AI-created garments courtesy of the Tribute Brand Discord community.

  • This year’s NYFW trend? Not Web3.

  • Interesting NYT feature on virtual real estate. Would love to be a fly on the wall in a board meeting of a retailer who spent $x million on a plot of virtual land last year.

That's all I got for you this week. As always, any feedback is welcomed and appreciated :)

See you next Tuesday,