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MetaBirkins, The Future of Shopping, and the Digital Village

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🛍️MetaBirkins Move to Trial

Hermes is officially going to trial against MetaBirkin NFT creator Mason Rothschild for using the Birkin Bag name and likeness. With only two weeks until the court date, here's what we know:

  • According to Vogue Business, Hermes argues that although Rothschild's digital designs don't function as bags, they are likely to confuse customers and are an example of fake Hermes products in the metaverse.

  • Rothschild claims the pieces are artwork and are protected by the First Amendment

“The most prominent issues in the case are to what extent the First Amendment trumps another’s trademark rights and whether real-world trademarks are actually enforceable in a virtual context.”

Gina Bibby, head of the global fashion tech practice at law firm Withers.

If you were wondering why so many brands (even those without any current Web3 presence) are registering trademarks and IP protection on virtual goods, this might have something to do with it.

Mason Rothschild

💄L'Oreal enters the Digital Village

Shortly after launching its first experiment with Ready Player Me, L'oreal is venturing further into the metaverse. Last week the beauty giant announced that its internal venture capital fund, Business Opportunities for L'Oreal Development (BOLD), acquired a minority investment in the metaverse-as-a-service platform, Digital Village.

Digital Village will use the money from its $4 million seed round to expand the platform's capabilities, "adding new tools to power 3D world development, advanced avatar customization, and virtual store creation."

👚The Future of Shopping?

Masterminded by Ian Curtis, this WebAR experiment uses real-time reflections, baked cloth simulations, and Dalle-2-powered generated image textures. Ignore the butchered image quality (still can't watch videos in emails!) and watch the full video here. 

📣Calling all digital fashion designers📣

Fresh off its launch of the INTERLOPER, the global multidisciplinary creative studio, The Immersive Kind is hosting an OPEN CALL for "FUTURE FASHION." The collection aims to amplify the next generation of digital fashion designers by bringing more inclusion and diversity to the industry, and exploring new ways of thinking about how we can consume and experience the future of fashion.

The Immersive Kind Maison are inviting submissions from digital fashion designers, artists, and collectors to share their work with the world.

Submit your entry by Jan 31st to info [at] theimmersivekind [dot] com.

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