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MetaBirkins Update, AR Portals, Generative Avatars and more...

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Yalla! Let's kick it off with an important update.

🛍️The MetaBirkins Trial - What's the Latest?

Last week a nine-person federal jury in Manhattan determined that Mason Rothschild, creator of MetaBirkins NFT, had infringed on the company’s trademark rights and awarded Hermès $133,000 in total damages.

What you should know:

  • The jury ruled that MetaBirkins were not artistic commentary and therefore were not protected by the first amendment

  • Rothschild was found guilty of trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and cybersquatting.

  • This sets a precedent for many future cases around consumer products and digital art

  • Rothschild plans to appeal the ruling

🪟A Portal to the Future of Ecommerce

Last week, I met with a college student writing a research paper on innovation within the retail industry. I sang the praises of augmented reality (the technology that I'm personally the most bullish on).

Digital Fashion Group 🤝 CLO Scholarship Program

I'm a firm believer that every fashion designer should be learning the basics of 3D tools like CLO. Unfortunately, along with the learning curve comes a pretty hefty price tag (especially for non-students).

The Digital Fashion Group has joined forces with CLO to give access and training to designers in developing countries, specifically Africa.

The one-year program will award five scholarships each month, with candidates being heavily vetted by both parties and The Fashion Collective Naija.

Onwards and upwards.

🧔 Ready Player Me taps DALLE-2 for Generative Avatars

When speaking to Webaverse founder Ahad Shams, he shared his vision for the intersection of artificial intelligence and user-generated content. Already popular in gaming, Ready Player Me launching an experimental trial where players can leverage Open AI's DALLE-2 to craft their avatar outfits.

For the uninitiated, text-to-image generative AI works as the name suggests. Simply type in a prompt ( e.g "red jacket with white stripes) and watch your creation come to life. It's scary good.

The trial is a product of Ready Player Me labs, the innovation division of the avatar company, which has rapidly grown in the last few years.

👾 Pixels and Threads:

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